How to choose the best nail polish. Lutza an Excellent Option

How to choose the best nail polish. Lutza an Excellent Option

How to choose the best nail polish. Lutza an Excellent Option


Nails allow you to complete any feminine look by looking well-groomed, beautiful and combining or enhancing the look, which is why the use of nail polish is very common today.


However, although polishes are popular cosmetics and the variety of nail polishes that we can find on the market is almost inexhaustible, not all of them benefit our nails, and not all of them are durable, so not just any polish is the most suitable.


¿How to know which nail polish is the best?


Nail polishes are highly-known cosmetics designed to beautify and decorate nails in this way you can complete any look and improve personal style, however, although not all have the same properties. That is why we present you a small list of things that you should take into account when choosing your nail polish.


-The UV filter is really necessary.

Choose enamels formulated with UV filters, which maintain color by preventing discoloration and yellowing of the lacquer.



-Put your Health First.

Make sure that your enamel does not contain toluene or formaldehyde, these two agents are really unfavorable in terms of health, despite increasing the duration of the color on.


-Acquire durable products with a wide range of colors.

In terms of color ranges and finishes, we can choose from infinite possibilities, whether they are glossy or matt.


¿What is Lutza?


Lutza,is a Russian name whose meaning is“Renewed Warrior. It is a Boricua Cosmetics Brand created by Liezza García Nail Artist, who, inspired by her great work and personal experience in the area, has decided to create aHighly Pigmented Gel Polish Line, which not only have the particularity of generating beautiful results in their application, but are also designed to take care of the nails, at the same time that a slightly longer life of the product is obtained once applied.


With this wonderful Brand, we want to bring a message of Perseverance and FAITH to all local entrepreneurs who every day create and provide excellent quality products and services so that they do not give up, pursue their dreams and that it is okay to re-invent themselves with courage, making the best of each experience and turning it into a victory..



Highly Pigmented Gel Polish Line


Lutza is launching with hisHighly pigmented Gel Polish Line, so that you can obtain the preferred tone with just a few layers of application.


Qualities of Lutza Enamels


Lutza and its extensive range of colors in conjunction with its“Base Top”,“Top Coat Gloss” or“Top Coat Matte,, it has good fixation making your nail polish long lasting:


-Our exclusive Lutza line has around 160 launch colors.

-100 Gel polishl


-Long duration

-Highly pigmented

-Easy removal

-Guaranteed quality

-The healthiest formulas.

-The best promotional launch prices.

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Lutza enamels, a marvel on your hands and on your feet.