Lutza enamels, a marvel on your hands and on your feet.

Lutza enamels, a marvel on your hands and on your feet.

Lutza enamels, a marvel on your hands and on your feet.


We all agree on the importance of details to look splendid and glamorous. So the nails play a very important role in the conclusion of our outfit. It is for this reason that at Lutza we have decided to bet on offering you a product with high quality standards, durable and friendly to our environment.


It's about ourLine of highly pigmented Gel Enamels, which will undoubtedly highlight all your femininity and bring a unique style to your look. Learn about the characteristics of our product and buy it at an introductory price.


¿How our Lutza nail polish line was born?


Finding the ideal cosmetic for our nails has always been difficult. When we find a nice color it turns out that it may not be durable, or when it is durable it may really be a problem to replace it on our nails, and so on; we never find the ideal enamel. Until today!!


The enamels created by Liezza García Nail Artist, with 16 years of experience in the area, have brought together all the positive aspects of their favorite brands to create theLutza's line of highly pigmented gel polishes. So you don't need to search anymore. Learn about the highlights of our products below.


Characteristics of the Lutza Enamels.


High pigmentation.

The color you see is the color that you will get on your nails. You can create the desired color just by applying one or two layers of nail polish, which saves product and time!!


Long duration.

Our gel foundation offers full coverage with high shine for longer; giving you assurance that you will be able to leave the beauty salon without automatically spoiling your manicure or pedicure.


Easy removal.

You won't waste money and time finding the strongest polish remover on the market. Our polish can be removed very easily, without leaving traces or causing damage to your nails.


It is not abrasive.

Toxic substances, harmful to the nails and the body, are not present in these enamels. So you can choose with confidence from our wide range of available colors.


Contains no odor.

As it does not contain toxic substances, our nail polish becomes an odorless product, pleasant to your senses and the environment.


It is cruelty free.

Lutza products have the cruelty free seal, because we are aware that we live on a planet where we all owe each other respect.


So what are you waiting for to be part of the Lutza Highly Pigmented Gel Polish Line?a?


At your disposal.


In our promotional launch we have 160 highly pigmented colors available for you, which combined with our“Base top, Top Coat Glossss” or“Top Coat Matte they will give a unique finish with a long duration to the product.


You can take advantage of our launch prices and get the most friendly polishes for your nails, at the same time that they will give you an exceptional result that you will not regret.


In addition, we invite you to visit our networks to learn more about the highly pigmented Gel Enamels that we offer for you. And we anticipate that we will continue to grow to create the widest line of quality cosmetics.

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