About Us

We are an innovative and dynamic company that creates and promote beauty products. We supply from retail to wholesales products, with the highest quality standards, for the Lutza brand.

Our Vision.

Develop, popularize and commercialize Lutza Brand Cosmetics, until to be Leaders and reference in the market for the creation and distribution of beauty and cosmetic products, thanks to the excellent quality of the services we offer and our ability to innovate and build guaranteed products.

Our Mission.

Always provide the best comprehensive service of excellence in the manufacture and distribution of high quality cosmetics, by virtue of satisfying and exceeding the expectations of our customers, to grow together with them to make Lutza the cosmetic brand of choice.

We also want to regularly introduce new and innovative products to ensure the leadership of our Lutza brand in each and every one of the beauty product families.

The Values ​​that distinguish Our Company

Liezza Garcia Nail Artist- Founder

Our philosophy lies in creating products that provide beauty, but at the same time that have high quality standards at competitive prices, in that sense they are fundamental pillars of our company:

-Quality : we use the best raw materials, while we strive for continuous improvement and thus achieve the highest efficiency of the quality management system.

-Excellence and Innovation: we offer the highest quality in each one of our products